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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Zombinomy = Zombizz + EconomyZombinomy is an NFT collection on the Ethereum Blockchain; it is also a society where 10,000 creepy and buzzy Zombizz vibe and thrive.Zombizz are mysterious creatures found on a mysterious land of the metaverse. They are powerful, almost immortal, and zombie-like. There is still a lot of unknown about the Zombizz… join our discord to explore the Zombinomy!Each Zombiz is an exclusively-made artwork, inspired by Chinese zombie legends, worldwide ghost stories, and Gen Z culture. While 2D Zombizz already outplay the majority of NFT collectibles, 3D Zombizz are prepared for users to enter the metaverse!Apart from high-quality art, Zombinomy offers ETH and NFT airdrops, valuable NFT education, visionary roadmap, committed support team, free merch…tons of perks that aim to make the community special and sustainable.Come and build a booming Zombinomy with us in the metaverse!

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