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Zero Territory

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Zero Territory NFTs AirdropTo Sweep Floor of any ProjectWere excited to reveal the exclusive anime NFTs on Polygon platform, floor price: 40 Matic, ‎without gas fee, high potential #Zeroterritory: Big ‎NFT Dreams, available for everyone who likes ‎the game-based project on ‎http://Zeroterritory.com!‎A unique collection of‏ ‏‎ anime 4000 NFTs as rankers for the first airdrop ‎designed by our professional ‎team, ‎Joshua & Nihata with high quality and exclusive rarities. ‎Zero NFTs have a great appearance and are ‎influential in the game developed in the near future. The ‎tokens will be listed on our website #Zeroterritory ‎server connected the #Opensea at a ‎floor‏ ‏price ‎of 40 Matic on 27.02.2022 at 16:00 PM UTC, Rewards Rain Starts by minting. Please visit Road map on our website to get surprised by giveaways.‎

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