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Zed Zebras

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Zed Zebras NFT Collection is a unique set of 4,444 Zebras set to change the NFT game. On top of our unique artwork and original theme, owners will also be granted a ticket into The Zed Game. This will be a tournament held by our team with a similar style to the squid games but held virtually. The grand prize will be up to $300,000 (upon sellout) which will be given to our sole winner of The Zed Game. We will provide leaderboards as well as live stream all the events to build the hype of this project higher and higher as we go. We plan on doing future derivative drops for more tournaments where all first-generation holders will have the number one priority for the next Zed Game. So stop buying into NFT’s with giveaways and give yourself the chance to compete for the money with the Zed Zebras NFT collection.

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