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You+Me NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

You+Me is a collection of 351 distinct high-quality animations made from Blender. It utilizes a classic pixel background which is iconic in the NFT world and pairs it with the advantages of 3D animation giving your NFT a lively feel. This is a superb surprise for your spouse, partner, fiancé, friend, or any loved one! Show them your unceasing love with a continuous loop that you can use to decorate your living space(a 3rd-party digital frame will be needed). Why Invest in You+Me? РThe price floor will increase from 0. 03 ETH to 0. 06 ETH when 1/3 of the collection is sold out! Then to 0. 09 ETH when 2/3 is sold out. РEach rendered animation is 1/1, meaning there will never be any duplicate art pieces. РWe invest in advertising You+Me on social platforms. With more spectators, you have a higher chance of flipping your NFT. РYour new artwork makes a perfect token of love. РEach You+Me has HD resolution. (1920px1080p) РGreat customer service; Insta: @wildin_twentie

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