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Xy skulls

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

We are a revolutionary NFT collection that wants to connect the NFT world with real business and real world. We will have two collecrions, one of which is FREE and other is not, it is our main project. In a little over a month, the FREE NFT collection will be released, people can get it by being members of our group at discord. People who have three free nfts will be able to buy our main nft for 0.13 ETH (0.27 ETH price for others). Our main goal is to create a smart brand that would be the first in the world to do that, our clothes would contain chips that would be connected to your nft and smart conctract and that would prevent making fake things which is a big problem today. After a successful drop, we plan to make our own game and potentially our metaverse.

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