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Wounded Wings Fight Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Wounded Wings Fight Club (WWFC) is an eccentric collection of 2240 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each cardinal is generated from a combination of nearly 300 hand-drawn traits, including accessories, backdrops, eyes, eyewear, beaks, bandages, body color, wing-gestures, hats, and clenched-objects. Cardinals are the basis for WWFC, a community devoted to help wounded souls from every walk of life. The cardinal is the artists personal spirit animal. These majestic birds are known to uplift spirits and even connect people to lost loved ones. Cardinals represent hope, joy, luck, and harmony. Since they mate for life, cardinals are also metaphors for unconditional love, loyalty, and strong devotion. The bandages on our Wounded Wings represent both visible and invisible wounds. Our hope is that we can help our wounded wings heal, fight back, and soar again.

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