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World’s First ID NFT Identity Document

NFT Collection

Blockchain: cronos

Project Overview

The future of human identity is evolving together with the opportunities offered by blockchain technologies. This is why we have created the world’s first-ever ID NFT identity document non-fungible token as means to fully decentralize human identity using our future blockchain Portocal, and give the power to the individual.The NFT is split into 48 separate NFTs in order to give more individuals the chance to own a piece of this amazing collectible. The creator company of the NFT, Watashi No Namae Wa Un Ltd, trading as Portocal, will also offer buyback options to the owners of the ID NFT, at a price not lower than three times the original price. This option is conditioned by the company’s crypto price of £0.01. Once this price is achieved on the market, the company will pitch the owners for the buyback, in case the market value of the ID NFT block owned is not higher than three times the original purchase price. The company will offer three times this price, and the owner can accept the offer or decline and keep hold of the NFT. The person in the ID NFT does not exist, and all details are fictional, it is just a blueprint project. The drop will be live at 00:01 GMT on 01 May 2022. ID NFT identity document non-fungible token is a trademark.

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