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WonderGame Metaverse

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Play. Earn. Win. WonderGame is a community launched project, so all the early supporters get loads of benefits that other projects typically give to their VC’s. – WonderGame has unique metaverse characters which can be deployed in your wonderland kingdom and earn you passive $WG cryptocurrency! – NFT holders will have first access to WonderGame Genesis land plots inside the metaverse world. – FREE METAVERSE PENTHOUSE will be air dropped to all players who mint and hold until the penthouse release. – All Holders will have private access to exclusive information, networking events and VIP lounges inside the WonderGame partner metaverses like Sandbox, Treeverse, & TCG World. – WonderGame has partnerships and licenses in 135 countries globally to onboard new users and large whales… Saving the masses from the Fiat Fathers and bringing them into the metaverse! This creates massive new demand.How many NFT’s are available? WonderGame is following a fair Community Launch. There will only be 1000 scarce NFT’s available on the first mint (in stages). Then building up incrementally to 5000. WonderGame will release the $WG cryptocurrency for the first holders to begin farming, then release the remaining 5000 NFT’s for minting, bringing the total to 10,000 after time. Early Whitelist Mint HODLERS will be rewarded with a FREE Genesis PENTHOUSE, and after all NFT’s are minted the build up towards public sale of Metaverse Land Plots.

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