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Welina Pineapple People

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

About Welina NFTsWelina NFTs Pineapple People collection are NFT collectibles with a medical charity mission, click here to see the countdown to the public mint. Welina and welcome. The pineapple can represent welcome, hospitality, celebration, or some secretive meaning. Whatever it represents to you, all are welcome here.Welina Pineapples is a collection of 9,997 programmatically, randomly generated Solana NFTs with over 100 individually designed traits. Each pineapple is unique, some will have traits that are more rare than others. There are also 3 additional 1/1 edition Welina Pineapples individually created as gifts.The developer: Annie is a board-certified family nurse practitioner, artist, woodworker, and philanthropist. She has a desire to provide medical care to underserved communities. This first project and all future projects will donate 50% of all proceeds to reputable medical charities.Why Solana?The Solana blockchain is faster and more affordable than Ethereum, saving a significant amount on gas fees for minting.Public mint date: 5.5.22. Price per mint: 0.69 SOL fixed.Pre-mint for whitelist members will start 5.3.22 and run for 48 hours prior to public mint.Whitelist members can mint up to 5 NFTs at a discounted rate of 0.5 SOLHow do I get on the whitelist?Join our Discord server and invite 5 other people to join. Once they join, you will be added to the whitelist. There are only 100 spots available on the whitelist.

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