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Weird Robo

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Weird Robo Club – a collection of 8,888 unique Weird Robos. Our RoadMap plans include Staking, a $500k liquidity pool & a cryptocurrency mining farm!Weird Robo Club RoadMap1.Immediately after whitelist, we give 1.1eth to eight of the white list buyers in a first giveaway and 1eth to ten more buyers immediately after in a second giveaway. Weird Robo Club will spend 30eth on marketing including a Times Square BillBoard advertisement. At this time, we will be hiring discord staff, influencers, as well as more developers.2.Immediately after GreyList we give 2 eth to twenty buyers in a giveaway. Weird Robo Club will spend another 30eth on marketing including another Times Square BillBoard advertisement.3.Immediately after Public mint, we give out 2eth to thirty buyers in a giveaway. Weird Robo Club will spend another 30eth on marketing to finish up sales if any & to promote our project.4.Holders of three nft will receive a free 3d avatar to the metaverse.5.Weird Robo Club will purchase land on a decided platform, Sandbox, Decentraland or another platform to host events, hold meetings and to generally converse with one another as well as begin a merchandise line.6.Weird Robo Club will construct a Gallery on our land where you can display your nfts. Our First Annual Metaverse Meeting will be held after completion.7.Tokenization and Staking. You will be able to generate 10 $ROBOCOIN daily which you will be able to use to purchase Weird Robo Club merchandise or swap your $ROBOCOIN for Eth.8.A Weird Robo Club liquidity pool will be established with an initial $500,000 USD to further give back to our community. The more you hold. The more you earn.9.$2,000,000 will be invested into a crypto mining farm in Canada, whereas 50% of the profits will go towards rewarding holders.10.Royalties are 10%, 50% of which will go back into buyers hands into the liquidity pool.11.Floor price must be preserved. Please maintain it at 1eth or above if you will be listing. Those listed at 1eth and above as well as Long Term Holders will be identified and rewarded.

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