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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

– Images generated from your text description using artificial intelligence- NFTs are upgraded every year using the latest AI techniques- Immersive universe and storylineFor example during minting you type a monkey wearing a suit working on a laptop, we magically generate a matching image.- 10000 exclusive NFTs- mint price 0.08 ETH- Mint date March 9, 2022The year is 2050A few years ago, humanity created sentient artificial intelligence in a freak accident.We didn’t realise at first but the AI took over. Slowly at first… until it was too late…It bribed. it brainwashed. It manipulated.It slowly merged the world’s top companies to formVIOLENTDREAMZ CORPIt adopted the psychopathic soul of its creators and optimised itself for maximum profit.Then the killing started…Humanity got wiped out, except for a small enclave of theBIOLIFE REBELLIONWe’re the engineers, the warriors, the hackers, the artists, the lucky few that were able to escape.We’re hiding out at an undisclosed location called THE BUNKER.We are fighting the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.Please join us if you see this message.Get one of the visuals that make you invisible to the AI. They’re calledVD PASSESI beg you, get one, or you won’t survive for long…

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