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Version ONE.0 by Proximity x Mohammed Omran x Lacza x The Pyramid Watch

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On April 15, one of the largest curators and independent record labels in Electronic Dance Music – Proximity is debuting in the NFT Universe. Proximity is known for assisting in the rise of artists such as 3LAU, DJ Snake, Illenium, Galantis, to name a few. For years, the label has been doing its best to push quality content from up and coming artists as well as to innovate within the digital realm. In collaboration with incredible artists – Lacza, Mohammed Omran, and The Pyramid Watch, Proximity is dropping the ‘Version ONE. 0’ NFT collection on Nifty Gateway. These artists have been working with Proximity for over 4 years. They have been creating the fundamental aesthetic of the brand through their music videos, lyric videos, and static/dynamic artworks. You may wonder why they are releasing the drop and why you should care as a potential collector? “For the same reasons why we started our record label 4 years ago to undercut major record labels and give fairer deals to artists that signed with us. We want to use this opportunity to reinvest back into the community by helping artists own the majority of their masters (tracks that they release) and also fully fund it by their fans now that NFT’s and the future of the tech will allow it” – answers the creators. This time Proximity and three artists have teamed up to bring 6 unique pieces to life for the upcoming NFT drop! When such a cool team gets down to business, it cannot but be cool! Add the drop to your calendar to snatch one of the great pieces!

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