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Vacant Myths by John Guydo

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Renowned artist and designer who has collaborated with Marvel, Warner Brothers, LucasFilm, Universal Studios, and others John Guydo returns to Nifty Gateway. His new NFT Collection ‘Vacant Myths’ drops on June 17th. John’s artistic style combines traditional drawing with digital painting with a classic touch. He pays much attention to detail, therefore, looking close, you can see how scrupulous his work is and how much effort the artist puts into each piece. ‘Vacant Myths’ NFT drop includes 8 artworks. Two of them are Editions of 31, and all others are Editions of 15. Each artwork is priced at $550. 00. The collection is influenced by Guydo’s love of comic book art as well as classic engravings. It was also inspired by a poem:“Ancient, you remember the land. The man you wolfed remembers water. Ever-Exploding-Roller, cosmos That birthed us, you throw us up on sand. You name blackness unto darkness, Whiteness blank beyond the Nothing— Sucking-hole of empty fullness. And the dead drift down like rain” – David Sten Herrstrom. Add the drop to your calendars not to miss ‘Vacant Myths’ by John Guydo!

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