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Utmost Corgi

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Utmost Corgi is a collection of 5,000 unique Corgis that are randomly generated with 7 layers of hand-drawn artwork elements.Unlike any other Corgi NFTs, besides being one of, if not the best and cutest Corgi NFT ever made, were also doing things in a slightly different way which we call it as “shared prosperity.Our Shared Prosperity system is unlike most people have seen before. For example, when someone buys an Utmost Corgi, not only the person will be getting a unique art, but the art itself will also be a “raffle ticket in which every Utmost Corgi owner will stand a chance to receive 10% of the cost of each purchase made after.With every element carefully crafted by our artist, roadmaps, utilities and planning contributed by our developers and marketers. We want to ensure a long and stable community for everyone.We will host daily or weekly challenges for members to participate to earn rewards, and also give holders something to look forward to.We want to ensure a cheap and safe way to buy these tokens, so that is why we’re implementing the Polygon Network with MATIC to remove overpriced gas fees.

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