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Unpredictable otter

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

The first collection of unpredictable otters: the chef edition twitter:https://twitter.com/juandoreetelegram group:https://t.me/+lEZIVsiYgiY1YmZhdiscord:https://discord.gg/F838JKcCUAinstagram:https://instagram.com/juano0208The fundraising will distribute: 5% environmental and elderly foundation, 5% social foundation, 5% children foundation, 5% animal foundation, 5% health and wellness center, 5% book publisher and arstistic entrepreneurship. We would use some part for the creation and development of blockchain technology, like some dapps,defi and play to earn games, also helping to improve the integral parts of the human being. Types of nft: common: 0.0125 eth uncommon: 0.02 eth Normal rare: 0.0275 eth Medium rare: 0.035 eth Super rare: 0.05 eth Ultra rare: 0.0675 eth Fairy tale: 0.085 eth Mythical: 0.17 eth Legendary: 0.35 eth Heavenly: 1.8 eth Special: 5.2 eth Around 100 NFTS for marketing and promotion

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