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Uldor Guardians

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Uldor is a Play-to-Earn MMORPG where players can go on quests, discover epic loot, earn currency from professions, and stake your characters. Minting a Guardian character grants a free mint for Furies (female character) and a Resource Plot (land where you can gather resources or stake and let other players pay to use it). Roadmap / current activities:Currently- Discord games with free Guardian NFTs as prizesQ1 2022- Uldor Guardian NFT release- Uldor Furies NFT release (free mint for Guardian holders)- Resource Plots NFT release (free mint for holding a Guardian and a Furie)- Regular development updatesQ2 2022- PvE (player vs environment – campaign mode)- Dragon Royale (our take on a battle royale mode)- Loot Adventure (another battle royale mode)Q3 2022- Companion pets added as a rare drop (Companions are tradeable/sellable or burned to permanently bind to your character)- PvP modeQ4 2022- World of Uldor release (Open world game with NFT assets, fixed supply cur

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