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Tus nft

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Art・ Narrative・NFT Utility ・ P2ESynthesizing unique art with a compelling storyline & NFT HUB. We’re building the future of tomorrow, today.TUS NF Mint of Season 1ONLY 875 NFTsWL Price 0.07 ETH (max 3/wallet)Public mint 0.09 ETH (max 10/wallet)10 FRE MINT + 150 Whitelist spots1 Follow us on Twitter @survivorsnft2 Tweet about us and tag @survivorsnft3 Complete the form https://forms.gle/4JrRztfKbhk415JdAThe Ultimate Survivor is more than just a game, it’s a community that helps build & develop within the NFT space. Our primary goal is to deliver a fantastic, compelling, and engaging P2E game based on an apocalyptic storyline. We also have an incubator to grow & develop other projects and give access to whitelists for all of our NFT holders.TUS FORGE- the first utility of TUS NFT projectAccelerating projects with TUS supportPitch Deck Creator with pro tipsAdvisory & experts for your projectPremint lists with verified collectors& more

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