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TRex Island Resort

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

It’s 66 million years ago and there’s a meteor, the size of a large mountain, hurtling toward Planet Earth.There is only one place that will survive the impact… TREX ISLAND RESORTThe TRex Island Resort’s initial NFT release is The Extinction Event, a collection of 10,000 unique, collectable, avatar based NFTs. Each TREX doubles as a resort wristband, granting its holder access to the resort lounge (a members only recreational space for community interaction).Once the sale is complete, you can become your TREX via our avatar builder in the TRI Metaverse, roaming the Island with other TREX and participating in treasure hunts.As laid out in our roadmap, the project will focus its efforts to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, through two separate events: LAND and SEA.LAND – Plant a tree for an NFT (NFT breeding) 1st stage.Our sustainability program is released.20,000 unique NFTs will be released with 10,000 reserved for TREX holders. This is an Ethereum carbon offset project, each NFT representing trees to be planted. The goal is a real world TRex Island Resort forest.SEA – Save the sea for an NFT (NFT breeding) 2nd stage.The sustainability program continues with the release of 20,000 unique NFTs, with 10,000 being reserved for TREX holders.This time each NFT represents kelp to be grown, with the goal being the first TRex Island Resort kelp farm.For more information on future plans and benefits, head to our website and check out our roadmap.TRex Island Resort is an environmental sustainability project, focused on the continuous carbon offset of the Ethereum network, via forestry and kelp farming (Land and Sea). The location of the forest and farms will be decided by the TREX holder community, which is self-governed (via a DOA) ensuring the project’s long term core values are maintained. The NFT value assurance is secured via the community liquidity pool (DeFi), protecting NFT pricing and investor capital.

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