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Treasure of Montenegro

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Treasure of Montenegro – Unique NFT project with the legend about the beauty of our mystic country which intrigues everyone (visit website), presented in 777 lucky and breathtakingartworks, created by 70+ artists (photographers, travel bloggers, painters…)from all over the world!Behind the projects is a well established brand from Montenegro – Montenegro Luxury Association that is known for innovations in tourism sector.Award winner from the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, Ministry of Economy Development of Montenegro, partnerships with prestigious companies and total of 40K+ people on social media.Real world usage is something we are very proud of, since we NFT collectors to feel like they invested properly. Every holder will become a member of a closed MLA community, with special benefits and discounts while visiting Montenegro (luxury resorts, hotels and restaurants, limo…), and prime spots in the future web3/NFT worldwide tourism project developments.Other than this, Montenegro Luxury Association is focused on developing support, trust and deep connection with travel influencers, photographers and artists, for a better foundation of quality driven art projects.First ever NFT project sharing and promoting the beauty of its country.

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