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Travel Punk Official

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Travel Punk Official is a colection of 4.444 NFTs living on Matic network as ERC-721.It is a community of punk travelers whose passion is to travel the world through the metaverse looking for strong emotions and fun.This project is the result of a long way of research in the nft world. Our team has decided to release this collection on Matic network as ERC-721 because we consider it has had a great growth and the factor of very low gas rates is favorable for our initial investors.The first phase of the project will consist of the release of 4.444 Travel Punks with utility at a price of 0.001 Weth. We are doing this to facilitate the earliest investors to get the highest possible return, as we understand that the market price should be regulated by the people who have trusted the project from the beginning.1. We are taking our Discord and social media management one step further, which will include a community manager and moderator package to take our Travel Punks community to the moon.2. We have to work hard with our community to make our Discord and Twitter even cooler with new additions over time.3. When our team succeeds in creating an active NFT community, we will include great giveaways of Nfts and money, collaboration events with other projects, charity events and much more.4. We will release a free NFT drop for TP0 hodlers. It will not be free in public sale.5. Our goal at this point in the project will be to bring Travel Punk products, selected by the community, to the physical world. This will include items such as stickers, packs and hoodies, but as mentioned, our community will decide which items will be selected.6. Staking and other similar utilities are also very important to us, but we don’t believe that rushing will serve us well in making a solid, long-term project. For the future, we are starting to research on the best utility for the token we intend to create and other utilities for the holders.7. In the Travel Punk team, one of the areas we are most excited about is the metaverse and we want to see ourselves in this fantasy world. That’s why we will decide with the community on the right metaverse project. Instead of buying a small area of a currently popular project, we, as Travel Punk, will buy a huge metaland of a metaverse project that has potential and makes us a great contribution. %100.

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