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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Level 1s are almost sold out !The Psychedelic Ape Club is a collection of Apes that are exposed to psychedelics.The digital collectibles are established within the Polygon Blockchain, which enables users to mint, collect, and trade them.Utilities:Holders Will Receive Monthly MicrodosesMonthly NFT Casino EventsCustom Art RequestsEarly Investors Will Receive Higher Social Status In The Community10% Royalties Are Held With CharityCheck out the complete roadmap In Discord.The first generation of the Psychedelic Ape Club NFTs will reward their holders with various benefits and perks. These include free airdrops, secret community access, a chance to participate in the further development of this platform, and more.One of the core values of The Psychedelic Ape Club NFTs is tolerance. We want to build a strong and open community that would be ready to accept anyone no matter who they are.Currently, there are not that many trippy and psychedelic arts-focused marketplaces where creators of this niche would be able to sell their content. Most of them are either underdeveloped or most likely fraudulent pump-and-dumps.

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