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Toony T-Rex Launch

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Toony T-Rex Club is a collection of 9,999 unique and carnivorous T-Rexes, excluding the few vegans in the group. These dinos are showing off their prehistoric sense of fashion and are stomping around on the Blockchain ready to chomp up any screenshotters.These dinos are ready to provide to owners, and their purchase allows for lots of member-exclusive perks that can be attained through the Roadmap. In addition, each digital collectible can be used to unlock access into The Volcano (a member’s only group), as well as having some Roar-Tastic utilities. In order to provide equal opportunity, all Rexes will be 0.1 Ethereum at launch plus minting fees.Toony T-Rexes are an ERC-721 Token under the Ethereum Blockchain. We know how annoying minting fees can be, so one of our Roadmap features is Dino Dividends where we will pay back owners. Make sure to visit our website and follow our socials to join the Toony Community and see all of the unique utilities, rewards, and perks of buying a Rex!

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