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Toon Tigers NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The StoryThrough treacherous weather conditions the Ice Age started to melt. The freezing temperatures began to rise and many species that adapted to the cold could not handle the heatwave that sprung upon them. Saber-toothed tigers along with many other mammals had died. 10,050 unique Tigers however; managed to survive. Being encased in large glacial structures helped create a stable core temperature that allowed them to adapt gradually to the new environment. Now that the sun has melted the frozen tundra they are free to roam the earth, ready to become one of your pets as they embrace the 21st century as we know it.Drop DetailsFebruary 28th, 202212:00PM CSTMint Price: .175ETHAllowed 3 Mints /PersonFair Launch/ No Whitelist /No PresaleMint on Toon Tigers NFT WebsiteCollection Info(25) 1 of 1 King Tiger NFT CollectiblesExceptionally RarePresale Whitelisted for Future Toon Tiger CollectionsHolders Airdropped (1) Toon Tiger from 10000 Generative Collection DropExclusive Merch for King Tiger Holders

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