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Times Change – Superheros Now

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

In ourTimes Change – Superheros now, thencollection we’ve created 12 unique original paintings. Each NFT depicts a child in an old masterpiece wearing a mask of a superhero, it reflects the current times we live in, where every child wants to be a superhero, and depicts awhat if then, was now or now was thenparadigm.All our NFTs are backed by original hand-painted oil on canvas paintings.These paintings will be hand painted with oil on linen canvas.Each painting will have a height of 150 cms with a 10 cms border for framing.Each painting typically takes 3-6 weeks to complete once the NFT is purchased.Upon completion, a photo of the finished work will be shared with you.The finished work will ship only after you’ve confirmed that you are satisfied with the work.They will be shipped rolled in a tube.Shipping is free.Frame not included.Each painting has a hidden identifier that’s only known to the owner shared under NFT unlockable contentSpecific details will be under the NFTs unlockable content.Each NFT has a background story and description connecting its past with the collection’s theme. There are 7 or more properties to each NFT. Some NFTs have a subtle spin on them making them more collectible than others. The hand-painted paintings that come with the NFTs themselves will be highly collectible.There is only ever going to be one of these NFTs and no more.We will be releasing several more themed collections in the near future within the Times Change paradigm.We hope you like our NFTs.Thank you,The Kosh mArt Team

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