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Thugz Life

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

911 generative NFT avatars on Solana (include 11 Mythics) to access a Play To Earn (Thugz Unchained) & Win To Earn (Thugz War). Price mint: 0911 Sol.Low supply and Team who work on this project since september 2021. This is a long-term project that requires the support and the full participation and commitment of our community. We do it cause we love Street & Hip Hop Culture. It’s not just a NFT Lambda project.We plan to adapt our Strategic RPG on GTA RP private server mod. We’ll be the first NFT Gaming project to promote and play in GTA.Origin of Thugz NFTWhen creating these NFTs, the artist was inspired by the T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. popularized by 2Pac and having theacronym The Hate U (You) Gave Little Infants F * cks Everybody.For this collection, 911 Thugz will be available, (including 11 Mythics which feature celebrities from the world ofrap and cinema) made up of 111 attributes (caps, clothes, satchel, glasses, cigarette, chain, grillz etc…).By creating this NFT designed by the artist as well as by the mint, you will have the possibility of becoming theowner of a unique Thugz.Mint is the action of buying an NFT randomly from a collection (example: Imagine a candy dispenser in whichyou would insert a coin)It allows you to acquire a Thugz before it goes on the market. Through this mint, a Thugz is randomly generatedwith the different attributes. (Lexicon & How To Mint available on our Discord).The mint will then be done on a combination of more than three billion possibilities.Why Buy An NFT ?What are NFTs? Non Fungible Tokens are certificates of authenticity attributed to a digital work.As on the internet (and not just elsewhere), everything is copiable, NFTs allow you to appropriate a work and tobe the sole and unique owner. The authenticity of these certificates is made possible thanks to blockchains(blockchain) a storage technology allowing to encrypt and identify data stores, inviolable and non-duplicable.Recently some very big announcements have been made regarding the metaverse. The future seems to bemoving more and more towards this whole new field. As a result, with the metaverse, NFTs will become essentialbecause they allow the identification of a unique object that is unique to oneself.After Reddit, Twitter in turn launches into NFT profile photos. It goes without saying that this process is set tobecome more democratic in the years to come. The advantage of a profile photo NFT, unlike a simple image, isthat it allows its owner to be authenticated through it. Thanks to NFTs, you can certify that this image belongs toyou.For the mint (project deployment), we chose the F Solana blockchain because unlike one of its competitors likeEthereum, gas fees are extremely low. Indeed, during the mint your costs will represent less than 1% of the priceof your Thugz.Once your NFT has been minted, you will then be in possession of your Thugz directly in your wallet (digitalwallet). Depending on the Thugz you get, it will be assigned a rarity score. It is in part thanks to this rarity scorethat you will be able to resell or trade your Thugz with more or less values. It will be possible to sell and trade onplatforms such as Solanart, DigitalEyes or Solsea.The NFTs ProjectAdvantages of Thugz NFTAbove all, the purpose of this NFT is to be able to represent you through a Thugz with which you can identify. Itwill not only represent your identity on social networks (as a profile picture on Twitter or Discord for example),acquiring aThugz will also allow you to participate in many events. The first event is surely the most symbolic in the valuesthat this project wants to convey. A charitable donation will be made at the end of the mint, 2% of Thugz saleswill be donated to an association.Our team is working in parallel to develop a O game on Discord. Your Thugz will be the ticket to this game.By participating in this activity (War Thugz), you will have the opportunity to make it even more useful with therewards in play.Several mini-games, raffles and giveaways will be organized with the community according to the number ofThugz sold (PS5 / Xbox / TV 4k / Iphone etc…). Many benefits will be added to the project thanks to our PrivateClub partners with brands of CBD products, streetwear, urban accessories and brands that stick to the ThugzLife mentality.The NFT Thugz is therefore:Adhere to a project and human valuesA unique profile pictureAn entry ticket for a game with many rewardsA crypto investmentAlready have a foot in the metaverseDifferent partners and private clubsAbout the teamAn accessible team who will give their all and listen attentively to the community’s feedback.You can find each member’s social media profiles as well ( https://thugz.life ).You can be sure that we will stay engaged because a lot is planned for the future.The team behind this project consists of 8 members, aged between 20 and 38, passionate about the world ofblockchain technologies, NFTs as well as a future metaverse.In addition to the actions put in place to promote the project by the team, it is also up to you to participate Iactively (whether through the various games or giveaways) and thus to grow the community. The larger andmore active the latter, the more value it will give to all Thugz in the NFT resale market.

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