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TheGhostwriters Guild NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

We are collectively writing a book, sentence by sentence. Only Ghostwriters can contribute to the story by submitting proposals in full sentences and/or voting on already existing submissions. Once a vote has been made on various submissions, the sentence is added to the existing story. Discussions and editing proposals will be part of the process so that the community collectively decides where the story takes us. How are the GG NFTs being dropped and when?We will have a total of two drops, distributing 5,000 NFTs in each. Our initial drop will feature 5,000 badges NFTs, granting membership and access to the Ghostwriters Guild. The mint will be FAIR and FREE, ensuring that anyone who is enthusiastic about the project, can participate. When and only IF we have fostered an active and engaged community through this process, we will issue a high-quality PFP collection featuring 5,000 unique characters. We will announce dates for both drops depending on the pace of this communities development.

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