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The World We Made NFT Collection

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

From August 8th to August 15th, ‘The World We Made’ NFT collection will be live on Featured by Binance. The NFT artworks of seven artists: Chloe Kim, Yongbaek Lee, Seonglib, Yongju Kwon, Sujin Choi, Airan Kang, and Kijong Zin are available within the collection. The physical exhibition ‘The World We Made’ runs until March 2022 at Podo Museum, Jeju, Korea. Based on their physical works installed at the PODO Museum, the artists have newly reinterpreted and produced the digital pieces to drop them on Featured by Binance. There are 13 NFT pieces within the NFT collection that “show a great example of a surprising harmony between digital and physical art”. Add this event to your calendars not to miss a chance to grab unique artworks!

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