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The Vicious and Virtuous cycle of life by Devan Suresh

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Devan Suresh is a concept 3D artist and musician with a keen interest to tell visual stories with deep roots of emotion. Devan’s debut in the NFT world is on the 6th of March on KnownOrigin. The artist puts up for sale his piece The Vicious and Virtuous cycle of life. There are four figures on the artwork that represent the rich and the poor alternatively. “Artwork depicts the society we live in by showing us how a poor man paints or dreams a rich life for his future but on fulfilling his wants he becomes someone who is ready to give up everything else just to find true happiness and inner peace in his life” – describes Devan his creation. The artist wants to pay our attention to the fact that the world is a beautiful place and yet we’re destroying it. Join the sale on the 6th of March!

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