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The Tarogramma Archive by Damien Cifelli

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Multi-disciplinary visual artist Damien Cifelli is releasing his NFT Collection on May 14th. Titled ‘The Tarogramma Archive’, it will drop on Crypto. com. Tarogramma is the fictional world, a parallel universe. NFTs within the upcoming drop by Damien Cifelli are characters, icons, clothes, locations, and specific artefacts from Tarogramma. Each piece has its own unique story. All these objects are drawn from the Tarogramma Archive. NFTs from ‘The Tarogramma Archive’ are drawn, oil painted, and sculptured. Besides owning the artefacts and images, collectors will have a chance to be fictional archeologists who uncover new elements of the Tarogramma universe. It’s gonna be an extraordinary drop! Do not miss!

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