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The Rofous Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

collection of 10 000 thousand nfts connected ah the ethereum network, this collection will cost 0.03 Ethereum the first days while time passes the price will continue to rise more and more has multiple exclusive benefits for members, once the 10 thousand nfts are sold ah all the members who have acquired 1 nft of the rofous club will participate for 10,000 dollars automatically and will have access ah the rofous club(2) before the public haci as private content etc (only ah members of the rofous club) more than making money this collection is cast to exploit it and serve as a peaceful investment that generates profits the first weeks, and attract ah more people and that gets into the world of nfts since even the market is not as in January 2022 the numbers are still in green haci q it is not too late to invest in nft this collection is expected depending on ah how much community we manage to gather from here ah that then is for the (NOVEMBER 1) in case of guntar a lot of community could cut the waiting time you have time to think about investing or not in this collection but believe me you will not regret it will continue to give you news ah through instagram , twitter and discord for you to join the discord server and follow me on twitter and I will leave you my gmail email for questions and answers

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