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The Rhino League

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Rhino League is a collection of 5050 randomly generated Rhinos who live in the Ethereum blockchain. Rhinos are carefully assembled from distinctive hand-drawn characteristics. Each Rhino is unique, only 50 of them are basketball players!In Rhinoland there was a very competitive Rhino League made up of 10 teams, but for mysterious reasons, the league was dismantled, and its players and fans were separated through the Ethereum network. The fan base is evenly distributed, 499 rhinos with the same background color as their basketball team, fans and players will do everything possible to bring the team back together and win the first place!The ChallengeBecome a Team Owner!The challenge is very simple, all the wallets that manage to collect a complete team of 5 players with the same jersey and background color for the first time win a prize in ETH! (No time limit).

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