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The Regulars NFT – Minting Live

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Roadmap: – 5 ETH to Team Seas (We love Mr. Beast & Mark Rober), 10 ETH to a charity that the community decides – Regular Competitions to win NFT airdrops, merch, and other regular things – MERCH get excited for regular items. Perhaps a regular thing in your room, or a regular piece of cloth. We give you a belt and you think: why do I need that? Fuck you youll thank us when you never get caught with your pants down again. – Regulars in the metaverse. Community will decide a metaverse to splurge 25 eth on (If people rather it spent elsewhere that can change). – Regulars Miami hub (Or another location). At this point Im so hyped up on regularity I could regular myself right through a wall. I imagine you may find yourself in a similar situation. How bout a place to do it regularly: a location, a Regulars Lounge perhaps. There will be drinks, club life, speaker events, live music etc. holders will be able to go for free. *Roadmap 2.0 will follow when everything is accomplished.Regular Mint Announcement: 8,888 Regular NFTs Mint date: Thursday, 2/24/22 Official Time for Regulist: 6AM – 6PM EST Price: .06ETH Mint Per Regulisted Wallet: 5x Regulars per txn Public Mint: 2/24/22 6PM EST the rest of the regulars become available to the public Mint per Public Wallet: 10x NFTs per txn

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