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The Red Pill Lions NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Red Pill Lions NFT Collection is a project created to give men a voice in the web3 space honoring all men on their path to physical, mental, and financial prosperity! Throught this project Created with #1 Best Selling Author Rollo Tomassi the RPL will help bring awareness of a better way to live for men while it combats the push of Simp NFT’s, Simp Tokens, and Simp DAO’s created to prey on weak men for financial gain. With over 15+ utilties this project is geared for longevity and priortizes its holders with exclusive members only benefits and say in where we go moving forward. Create the culture you want to live in, join the culture you want to see in the world!Presale- Apr 27th Public Mint- May 1st @ www.redpilllions.com

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