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The Racing Kids

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

COMMUNITYHello everyone. You have ended up with the Racing Kids and have the great opportunity to be part of this unique story.We are all NFT Enthusiasts, and, above all, we also love cars and definitely sports cars.We love speed and we all have petrol in our veins. And in order to digitize this love, we found the Racing Kids.COLLECTIONWe will launch a cool NFT Collection, the first sketches are finished. We try to make them as high quality as possible. With enough traits to set up a decent rarity. The collection will be 9999 pieces.We are still at the very beginning. This means that our first members can still get involved in the development ofthe Racing Kids. We are open to suggestions and would try to implement your wishes and ideas.OUR MISSIONThis should not only be a pure PFP NFT project. We think long-term. We intend to set up an effective staking system with a community DAO wallet to generate a steady passive income for all our holders. We will be our holders of Weekly Tokens via airdrop into The Wallets. In order to keep the income constant, 70% of the royalties will flow into the community wallet. 20% of the royalties we use for marketing and sweeping the floor. A constant floor price is very important to us, which is very important for our entire community. 10% goes to the team, the team will constantly take care of the project, and use all their power, competence and knowledge that we will become and more importantly stay a very happy and strong community.One of our main concerns is that our community wallet is always very well filled so that there are big royalties. Immediately after the sold out we pay 2.500000 million into the community walletMEETINGS/RACE/PARTYWe come from beautiful Germany. Many people know that there is no speed limit on the highway in Germany. For our OGs, i.e. our absolutely loyal owners, we plan exclusive and luxurious meetings. We will organize unforgettable meetings of sports car lovers. We will organize 5* hotels and will provide our owners with various hypercars from our cooperation partners MERCEDES AMG, LAMBORGHINI, PORSCHE and AUDI. We’ll make sure you have a good time where you can feel the petrol in your blood. Just right for THE RACER KIDS.If you prefer to drive directly on a racetrack, you’ve come to the right place, Germany has some really nice racetracks to offer. We would take care of a nice package, hotel, car, instructor etc.LONG-TERM TENSIONWe also want to keep the excitement going. We will set up a shop on our website that will only be accessible to holders under NFT’s. There should be the possibility to adapt NFT to your wishes. We want to implement the ability to exchange your racing suit, helmet and background for tokens. There will be a fixed set of items. For example, if you exchange a racing suit for tokens in the shop, the old one will be put in the shop. which means that there will be a changing offer, and this makes every visit to our shop exciting and always offers opportunities to personalize your NFT.

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