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The pixel hazard

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

THE PIXEL HAZARDthe world of tertratic, the earth and its people are in pixeled and are obsessed with cosplaying, THE PIXEL HAZARD is one the biggest cosplaying shows and is held every yearThis have three stagesStage 1-thepixelhazardexclusiveContain 50 exclusive nft hand-drawn showing people who took part in it they based on personal preferenceFrom anime,cartoon,movies, real life celebsStage 2-thepixelmutatedhazardTHIS contains 5000 unique nft that are zombieifed, the people who took part in the COMICCON and got affected by a virus homiecron(lol) they converted into living dead and were later killedStage 3-thepixelcommonhazardThis contain 10000 unique nft that show the daily life of people on the universe and that how they look and what they do other than Comicon

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