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The Pixel Album Art Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

The Pixel Album Art Club is an up-and-coming NFT collection centered around a new and unique idea. Instead of the common collection you see nowadays which includes thousands of characters with little costume variations, PAAC features your favorite album art in the popular pixelated NFT form. The lower supply amount also means that the collection will sell fast and resale will be high for people looking to invest. With our world becoming increasingly online we can only assume that NFTs are still in their early form and therefore collections that strive to stick out from the rest will most likely succeed in the long run, compared to the more competitive and less unique collections out there. Our collection drop on Opensea on November 10th, 2021. Right now every item is available for viewing on Opensea (@The Pixel Album Art Club), Instagram (@paaccreations), and Twitter (@paaccreations). We also have a website in the development stage (https://scwhidden. wixsite. com/paac-1).

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