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The Passaways

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Theta

Project Overview

Introducing The Passaways! A collection of 10,000 generative souls captured on film which will soon be released on the Theta Network. Join our vibrant community and stay tuned for upcoming giveaways. —Good bye. The words last spoken from our friends the Passaways. Interstellar travellers and interdimensional beings who occasionally step back into our world from theirs. Many are searching for the meaning of afterlife while others are just enjoying the afterparty. They’ve been glimpsed at the foot of our beds and behind us on the stairs. They’ve been caught pulling at our sheets and whispering our name when we drift off to sleep. Theyre trying to tell us something. Now you can help. It is said that capturing a Passaway on film will unite its soul with its caretaker giving them insight into the Passaway world. This is how they will tell their story – through you. So we are releasing 10,000 Passaways that our specialized team has been collecting from all over the globe. These lost souls need to be protected and their stories heard.

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