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The Oceanos

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Big win for holders, big win against plastic pollutionThe Oceanos collection is an original idea of a BAYC member in collaboration with Tide Ocean Material®, a Swiss company that works with some of the world’s largest companies (FOSSIL, TOMMY JEANS, Designed for Samsung,…) to clean up the oceans from plastic pollution.Thanks to this collection, many jobs will be created and very interesting benefits will be given to the holders. The roadmap foresees a collaboration with ReelFX, the company that created the animation of the last Scoob and the Looney Toons shorts for Warner Bros. A giveaway will be planned for the holders with a Sandbox parcel as a prize. Finally, cashback, airdrops, a private auction for the rarest NFT in the collection and an Oceanverse game in the Sandbox will be planned.The main objective of this project will be to position itself as a win-win investment between buyers who will be able to realize a long term gain thanks to our serious roadmap and make a contribution with a huge impact for the environment that they will be able to follow thanks to our DAO.In conclusion, the interest of investing in a project such as Oceanos lies in the fact that it is one of the first NFT collection to completely control the supply chain of its environmental commitment while aiming at maintaining the floor price and the recognition of the project in an international way thanks to extremely solid partners such as ReelFX and Tide Ocean Material®,

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