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The Narra Gallery Zodiac Series

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On May 9th, The Narra NFT art gallery is dropping the ‘Zodiac Series’ NFT drop. The Narra Gallery is an open gallery space in Decentraland. It was created by Gabby Dizon and Colin Goltra with an intention to showcase collections of Crypto Art, Crypto Collectibles, NFTs, and other VR and Metaverse projects. ‘The Narra Gallery Zodiac Series’ NFT drop will feature the artworks of various crypto artists such as Android Jones, Glass Crane, Orabelart, Shelly Soneja, Tim Riopelle, Corey Meyers, Caroline Dy, Nathaniel Parrott, Daniella Attfield, Totemical, pplpleasr, and CECHK. All NFTs dropping on May 9th will be on the zodiac theme. “The development/launch of the Narra Gallery was done in conjunction with the development/launch of the new Art District, a new neighborhood in the crypto-world Decentraland dedicated entirely to Crypto Art” – tells Colin Goltra. It’s a very unique project!Mark your calendars for May 9th! It’s gonna be a great drop with a lot of original artworks! May 9th, @NiftyGateway’The Narra Gallery Zodiac Series’⭕️With original artwork from our friends@Android_Jones @glass_crane @timriopelle @cechk_art @pplpleasr1 @orabelart @ArtCmeyers @drawwriteplay @itsparrott @shellysoneja @DaniellaDoodles @Totemical pic. twitter. com/SDoCrRsvCS— Narra Gallery (@NarraGallery) May 3, 2021

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