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The Modern Internet Project

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Our goal here at Versatility Labs is to benefit our community and leave a lasting impact on both the internet and the blockchain for years to come. The Modern Internet Project fits this goal perfectly, establishing the first ever NFT project created by 25,000 different people from all around the globe. The idea behind the project is to preserve the culture of blockchain users all around the world into internet artifacts, that benefit its contributors. The NFT Space has been a place for most people to simply buy and sell. This project changes the narrative and works to bring the culture of those who are in the NFT Space to light.The idea behind our first drop is simple: On our Mint date any blockchain user can spend a mere $5 in ETH to upload any text submission of their choosing (up to 25 characters) to our smart contract. The number of submissions per address will be capped at 10, and the total number of submissions will be capped at 25,000. Two weeks after the mint date these submissions will be validated for legal and trademark issues and compiled into one image and consequently divided into an NFT collection. This collection will become an artifact representing our modern internet as it is today. The size of each text submission will be determined based on how many times that text was submitted. For example, if a name was submitted 5 times, that name would appear larger than a name that was only submitted once.You may be wondering, how does this benefit you? For one, the NFT collection will be auctioned to the highest bidder once it has been compiled and 50% of the final sale will go back to our contributors. Not only that, but by spending a small $5 you can become a part of one of the largest internet artifacts that will be around for decades to come. Finally, you will also be included in any of our future projects, one of which is highlighted in Stage 4 in our Roadmap.

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