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The Million Dollar Hearts Club – Final Presale

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

This is your last chance to get your Million Dollar Heart atTHELOWEST PRICE. It is a unique opportunity. 0. 01 ETH ONLY AND FOR A LIMITED TIME. When December ends, the presale will automatically close. Once the Times Square Ball drops, you will not be able to buy any more MMD Members until the public sale begins. Sorry, not sorry. The general sale is planned to open on January 10th, 2022. New prices and other announcements will be posted on our social media and on our official website. Your Million Dollar Heart is waiting for you. BUY NOW AT THE LOWEST PRICEWHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GET YOURS NOWThe Million Dollar Hearts Club count with:Verified smart contract: Deployed on Polygon (Matic) NetworkVerified events by The Official NFT CalendarA score based rarity classification: To learn more, please visit the MMD Hearts page. No gas fees: They all have been minted on Polygon, so you dont have to pay for the gas feesPresale for a limited time only: Each MMD Heart costs 0. 01 Eth. After that, they will be re-listed and their price will considerably increase. Constant giveaways and all kind of contests: In our social media300+ assets fully hand-drawn: Backgrounds, hearts, bases, headwear, accessories and more5555 Million Dollar Members1/1 NFTs

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