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The Metacat Empire

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

The metacat empire is a collection of 6000 metacats.They are cats that, however adorable they may seem, are ready to fight and invade the polygon blockchain.You will be able to combine your ordinary metacat with accessories ranging from simple to legendary in order to enhance them and create the perfect warrior. Together we will achieve victory.Information for future investorsThe price of the metacat 01-500 will be 0,003Of the 500-5500 will be 0,005The 5501-6000 marketingThe prices of the accessories of a single one will be variable, it will depend on its rarity as well as to make the fusion of the elements to acquire the new metacat fused with the accessory.Information about the accessories and how to merge the metacats can be found on discord and on the website.Linktr.Ee/heisenbotasThis is not a cryptopunk, it goes much further

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