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The Marker Mascot by Secret Walls

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On June 2nd, ‘The Marker Mascot’ NFT Collection by Secret Walls drops on Nifty Gateway. This collection celebrates the fifteen years of Secret Walls history. Secret Walls began as an underground illustration battle and has grown into a creative powerhouse bringing cutting-edge events and activations to more than 50 countries across the world. At present, Secret Walls is mural battles, art parties, streetwear, street art, and everything in between. For the upcoming drop, Secret Walls has collaborated with great artists and SW battle veterans – Greg Mike, Nychos, OG Slick, Miss Upacey, and Jon Burgerman. They created unique versions of a 3D Secret Walls Marker Mascot. This is an anthropomorphic character designed by SW creative Director Jimi and Michael Ly. It is modeled after the original SW battle weapon of choice, the 15mm paint marker! Each artist applied his techniques to customize the Marker Mascot: the masterful dissection of Nychos; the old-school graffiti prowess of OG Slick; the otherworldly spirit of Miss Upacey; the bold and iconic Loudmouf motif from Greg Mike and the doodle-like genius of Jon Burgerman. The diverse approaches of artists show the versatality of the Secret Walls community. Each artist created three versions of the Mascot: black & white, full color, precious metal. Add the drop to your calendar not to miss a festive collection by Secret Walls!Lil peek at a special edition BLKOUT Marker Mascot we are gifting to a select few friends and supporters from our first 15 years in the game! NFTs for one and all coming Wednesday June 2 @niftygateway pic. twitter. com/esyKpuPz0I— Secret Walls (@thesecretwalls) May 29, 2021

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