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The Manning Legacy Collection by The Mannings

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On April 16, The Manning Legacy Collection presented by Eli Manning in collaboration with acclaimed artists JK5 & Micah Johnson is dropping on MakersPlace. The Manning family is one of the most prominent families in NFL history. Patriarch Archie together with his sons Peyton and Eli have 20 Pro Bowl selections, seven first-team All-Pro selections, six Super Bowl appearances, and four Super Bowl wins. They are a real treasure of the NFL and now it’s high time they brought their career highlights (there are a lot, believe us) to the NFT world. This NFT drop is a tribute to the sports achievements of the family. The Manning Legacy Collection will feature four artworks by visionary artist Joseph Ari Aloi, aka JK5. Also, there will be four animated artworks by Micah Johnson, former professional baseball player and renowned NFT artist, and his team (Will Hendrickson and Dean Krupka). Mark your calendars for Friday, April 16! Do not miss the drop!

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