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The Journey by Josh Pierce

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Visual artist Josh Pierce is coming back to Nifty Gateway. On June 7th, Josh drops his ‘The Journey’ NFT Collection. Josh Pierce is the creator of amazing artworks on surreal and natural themes. Sublime use of color and composition evokes a sense of awe and spiritual calm when you contemplate his masterpieces. The state of relaxation, mindful thinking, calmness – Josh knows how to immerse the viewer. ‘The Journey’ NFT Collection features 6 NFTs. Two pieces drop as 5-minute Open Editions, three others will be available at Drawing, and one more will be auctioned off. The key idea of this collection is the journey of creativity and self-expression. Only one piece ‘The Path’ is animated. It represents the idea that the journey itself is the destination. “As I grow as an artist, it is important for me to reflect on where I have been and how far I have come. For this release, I have selected pieces that highlight not only the beauty of the physical journey but also the process of creative artistic development. The theme of this series also reminds me that the work is forever ongoing and rooted always in the present” – tells Josh. Each artwork within the collection is nothing short of a miracle. Add the drop to your calendar not to miss an incredible journey to the world of Josh Pierce!

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