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The ICONS by Michael Benisty

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Michael Benisty is a multi-disciplinary contemporary artist, a dreamer filled with infinite stories to tell. His art career began 15 years ago in photography and digital manipulation of images, further evolving his digital career into creating large-scale sculpture designs. Michael’s iconic polished stainless steel (mirrored) pieces are notorious worldwide from his exhibitions at Burning Man, Tulum, and beyond. Michael refers to his works as entertainment pieces that are meant to draw crowds of people together to create thoughtful connections over art, music, and humanitarian efforts. The ICONS collection honors the genesis of 6 of his most celebrated works whose NFTs were created by utilizing 3D renderings native to actual sculptures existing physically worldwide. Each physical sculpture is a unique work (1/1), allowing his NFTs to reach more collectors to share in the magic. Magic is created only to be shared,says Benisty. Crossing into the digital world allows Michael to create a metaversal community to connect with and share his stories of evolution through art. The ICONS begs to answer the question, Where will these works end up in a world far far away. . . ? We invite you to join Michael on his journey of digital transcendence into the metaverse! Surrender to the lightSurrender to the darkFree fall into the depths of your soulTouch the matrix of your beingOpen your heartEmbrace your glitchesLet it go”Surrender”was exhibited at Renegade Burn 2020 and will join 5 other pieces for this NFT collection @niftygateway pic. twitter. com/WeeRIrVKOT— Michael Benisty (@benisty_michael) July 18, 2021

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