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The Hookah Verse

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Hey all! We are creating a very unique project. I have yet to see something like this. We are bringing actual real-life hobbies into the metaverse! It’s called the Hookah Verse. It is being launched on Solana but hoping to expand to other networks, too.It is intended to a 3D hookah lounge in the metaverse where people can smoke their hookahs. We are developing an electronic device that you can connect to your real-life hookah that when you smoke in real life, it will make your character also smoke in the metaverse! The hookah lounge will also be a place to play online board games and meet other hookah enthusiasts. Truly one of the few projects that bring real-life hobbies into the metaverse. Check it out! Join our Discord.

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