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The Happy Leaves

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A Private Collection of 680 Leaves living in PolygonEach tier will have different prices to make sure investors profit and floorPrices 1 – 200 =0,005 Prices 201 – 400 = 0.008 Prices 401 – 600 =0.01Marketing ROADMAP01/12/21 Start Creating NFTModels04/12/2021: WP-OWNERS social media settings and benefits 20/1/2021: Finish creating the 680 NFT’s models ✅ 30/01/2022: Create Landing page collection in Opensea10/02/2022: Start Marketing and giveaways social networks 07/02/2021: NFT Leaves begins minting in the open sea ✅ The Happy Leaves Season 1 starts selling on 25/02/22BENEFITS: The first 10 buyers will have 1 free NFT and priority in the purchase of the 2 season

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