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The Gypsy Star NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Our project is the story of a feisty Gypsy. First chapter is about how he became a cool guy that everyone wants to meet. Next chapters tell about his adventures. Are you looking forward to it?So for starters – our Gypsy stole loot from the Russians using a tractor. Are you curious what was among them? Check out the #sneak-peek channel on our Discord to find out. The art concept includes a strong touch of humor (!) However, the project includes plenty of innovative solutions and utilities that will turn your view of NFTs value upside down.Our key goal is to create a close-knit and engaged Community whose activities will be aimed at developing and growing the value of tokens. We want You to harvest from the Gypsy life. Thats why the project consists of a well-thought-out Tokenomics strategy developed by the strong gypsy heads. As long as we have the support of a Gypsy fairy who predicts the future, we know what to do. You are yet to meet her… Details coming soon, so stay with us!Our 4,000 NFT collection was invented by art enthusiasts. It combines a semi-satirical way of depicting current events with elements of abstraction.The collection is made up of well over 200 features. As many as 9 variable layers that blend together make each character completely different! Many times, one of the Team members woke up in the middle of the night with loads of crazy ideas.Thats why You can have both a gypsy who steals a tank and is dressed in military garb, and his alter-ego – wrapped in stretch tape holding money next to a tractor pulling a gas pipeline straight out of the ground.

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