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The Grizzly Society

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

STORY #001Its the year 2044 and the world as we know it is in a state of despair!Elon has human tested Neuralink, Crypto Mining Smart Phones, Flying Cars and life on MARS…. And after many years of development its safe!Humans have taken all resources from the planet we once called home and now the human race has completely fled planet Earth.We live the rest of our days in chambers, wired up to AR where we Communicate, Work & Live in the metaverse!Leaving the beaten and bruised planet Earth means it has a second chance to return healthy again!But now whos in charge?…The GrizzliesDuring the human dominance in 2026, Elon tested Neuralink on 74 Grizzly Bears before releasing his product to the public.The Bears were left caged up and tested for years!By the time humans fled earth there were only 4444 grizzly bears left. 73 of which were now in control with their new gained, superior, knowledge!They were known as the “Grizzly GodsThe 74th Grizzly God still hasnt been found…And all was left were busted steel bars of the cage he was once kept throughout his years of testing!The 73 Grizzly Gods formed “The Grizzly Society.A community where all remaining grizzlies could unite!Their mission was to simply restore Earth, their species and to become filthy rich from doing so!So I ask you…Do you want to get rich with them?Roadmap– 0%: Build our CommunityJoin our Discord, Instagram & Twitterwhere we will be hosting give aways, exclusive Grizzlies and other perks!44 Whitelist spots open up!PS: 54 of the 74 legendary Earth Leaders know as the Grizzly Gods will be hidden among 4444 Total Grizzlies up for Mint!– 10%: 2 Random holders will receive a £10,000 Apple Care-package containing a huge selection of the hottest apple products you can get!– 25%: The Great Grizzly Giveaway1 X Random Person holding a Grizzly will receive 1ETH1 X Most Active on all community platforms that holds a Grizzly will receive 2ETH1 X Person who holds the most Grizzly NFTs will receive 3 ETH– 50%: Design TimeWe will open a holders designer platform where holders can send in designs!Our professional artist will create your Grizzly and using our platforms and expertise we will sell it at our new and increased floor price and you will benefit from 60% of the profits!– 75%: Represent1000 holders will receive a premium hoodie with their NFT Embroidered on!10 holders will receive a high spec gaming PC with a surprise USB1 holder will receive a Grizzly God NFT!!!– 85%: Charity Donation: 10 ETH will be donated to a charity dedicated to Wildlife in the real world.The charity will be decided by you! The community!– 100%: Repopulation:The 4444 remaining grizzly bears on Earth need to rebuild their world!All Grizzly Holders will receive their very own Grizzly Cub with a large variety of rarities!

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